celebrating the independent woman


There is an overwhelming influx of short hair this SS16, with Ruth Bell's shaved head (now sported by many other young models) and the return of the late '70s/ early '80s curls and curly fringes on models Steffy Argelech and Mica Arganaraz. Then there is the rounded bowl cut as seen on new model sensation Peyton Knight, and short bobs on Heather Kemesky and Lou Schoof (check out Neil Moodie's British Vogue shoot from January 2016).

The 21st century bob symbolizes the independent woman. Women often turn to the bob when they're looking for a dramatic change from long hair. It comes in so many lengths, but the latest ones are short and daring. In France, the bob is referred to as 'coupe a la Jeanne D'Arc'. It has its origins in the 15th century, when Joan of Arc wore a short bob to disguise her gender during the war between France and England.

At Windle & Moodie, we brought the 'Joan of Arc bob' into the 21st century, modernizing it with the use of texture and products. The length sits on the earlobe or just below with a less blunt feel to the cut. The edges are razored to lose the blunt line. The fringe is daringly short and above the eyebrows, again razoring the outline. This short length opens up the face, you are not hiding behind the hair.



The texture is choppy, piecey and ruffled or with waves or curls, symbolising a fun and carefree attitude. The fringe is textured too. Create the texture with Windle & Moodie Texture cream for a dryer more urban feel, with Curl enhancer if you want to bring out the curls, or with Invisible day & night cream if you want a softer, lighter and looser texture.

For another take on this, we recommend making it look wetter but still textured with the use of Windle & Moodie Shine & smoothing oil, using the shine of the oil to bring out the wet texture.


If you are not feeling daring enough to cut your hair off, then go for the boyish updo. This season we have been inspired by the '50s Teddy Boy quiffs and re-appropriated them to women's hair. The girl in this image has long hair, rolled up on both sides to create this interesting quiff shape that still keeps its femininity. We used Windle & Moodie Thickening cream as a base and power dried the product into the hair. The parting is down the center. Starting in the nape of the neck, we rolled the hair up on one side into a pleat, working through the front.

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