Windle & Moodie story

Windle & Moodie is pioneering British style tailored to the modern, health and eco-conscious consumer. An extension from the brand's award-winning salon in Covent Garden, the haircare line combines tea-infused shampoos and conditioners and performance-driven styling.

The founder, Paul Windle, left no stone unturned, working closely with independent chemists in the search of innovative technologies, natural ingredients and sophisticated fragrances. Windle & Moodie is staying true to their British heritage, and all products are designed, tested and made in the UK.

The origins of Windle & Moodie hair products

By Paul Windle

I have been hairdressing for 33 years. I have been lucky enough to work with the most creative people in our industry. From great hairdressers and educators to marketing geniuses and product innovators. Some became famous, and many of the most creative innovators are little known.

When I started hairdressing, there were very few products available. We would try and mix anything to get a look. We had to make do with substitutes such as hand cream, sowing machine oil, talcum powder, sugar or salt mixed with water. We would often use existing hair products for their unintended use to get an effect or help prepare (hair) the fabric we work with. More recently, tea and volcanic ash have inspired us.

My personal product knowledge for styling has its roots in editorial hairdressing. 

However 20 years ago I was accidently introduced to the world of French pharmacy hair products, where I discovered an Aladdin's cave of wonderful shampoos, conditioners, lotions and potions to treat the hair and scalp.

My search has taken me frequently to Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York and Seoul - not for fashion, but in search of great product innovation. As is often the case, much was found at our own doorstep with the team I have worked with for decades. Our salon in Covent Garden remains our lab. Our clients' opinions are taken as greatly privileged information.

There are many stories to share about the true origins of our products.

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