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WAM Universal Diffuser

The WAM Universal Diffuser - Perfect for that relaxed and not-trying-too-hard look. Diffusers are essential to the drying process; bringing curl, body and extraordinary texture to the hair.



The WAM Universal Diffuser is specially designed to fit almost every hairdryer, and it's constructed in soft black rubber, making it light and versatile. Designed and built to our exacting WAM standards, its one of those things you'll wonder how you ever managed without. The WAM Universal Diffuser comes with two interchangeable grids. The Prong Grid is ideal for encouraging curls into hair that needs enhancing, and also for allowing naturally curly hair to dry without frizzing. The Flat Grid is perfect for naturally drying hair without blowing it all over the place. Ideal if you love the way it looks after you towel dry it, but you need to speed up the process.

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