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Speed Fringe

To give an instant style change

Speed wefts are a range of hair extensions from Windle and Moodie that were originally used only in film and television work. They are the most undetectable and fastest way to add hair extensions, fitting easily on the head with the aid of a comfortable fine wire. Made with non human hair that feels, looks and behaves like real human hair, the wefts can be styled or cut to help create any desired look and have heat up to 170°C applied to them using styling tools.

Instructional illustrations are inside the packaging plus "how to" videos can be found for application of all wefts here on the Windle and Moodie website.




Speed wefts come in 8 colour ways:

1B – Natural Black
2 - Dark Brown
6 - Dark Ash Brown
22 – Beach Blonde
30 - Topaz
35 - Deep Copper
60 – Pure Blonde
10/22 - Medium Ash Brown/ Beach Blonde 

Windle and Moodie Speed wefts are designed according to the average circumference of the human female head which equals 22 ½ inches (57.15cm)


- Non human hair - It looks and feels just like real hair - You can blow dry, straighten, curl and style as you would your own - It's a cost effective alternative to 100% human hair - Maximum temperature for use with straightening or curling irons is up to 170°C - Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and a light detangling spray for maintenance. - Length of Single and Double Row speed wefts hair = 18" (45.72cm). - Length of Speed Fringe hair = 6" (15.24).

Video Tutorials

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