13 hair styling products that could possibly be the best!

Aug 11, 2014


13 Hair styling products that could possibly be the best

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have seen that we’ve got a whole new range of styling products and shampoos. Paul and Neil have brought together their knowledge from years of in-salon, backstage fashion show and on-shoot styling from all over the world. They’ve been working with a range of A-list celebrities who I shall not name, utilising some of the finest minds in skincare ultimately achieving the ‘French pharmacy meets editorial styling’ super combo.

If you like a mouthful, Paul was in Iceland in 2010 when the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted. He was fascinated with the instant transformation and texture the volcanic ash had on hair so made a product that recreated the texture! Keep reading if you’d like to know how that incredible ash cloud that ruined so many holidays, has changed the way we work with hair here in our salon.

Each product in the new range has been created with a purpose in mind, to make hair styling an easy and enjoyable daily task. From ‘invisible’ nourishing creams, to penetrating oils and Neil’s ‘best friend’ the matte texture spray, there is a product for everyone. If you need shampoo and conditioner… click here.

The Hair Products


Detangler and moisturiser to prepare hair for styling

This is a balancing agent that prepares hair for styling whilst refreshing and soothing the scalp, with added silk protein to condition and active honey to give shine.
Spray on wet hair after using one of the treatment shampoos and conditioners.


Gives hair the texture and feel of a day at the seaside

A revitalising, moisturising, strengthening and re-mineralising spray to give hair a textured, tousled ‘undone’ look. Spray on wet or damp hair and leave to dry naturally, or finger dry gently to recreate the natural beach look. This spray is a must if you’re a boho beach babe stuck in the city.


An ideal spray to give extra volume to fine hair

The ultimate multi-purpose thickening spray to give body to all hair types and protect against heat damage. Conditions, nourishes and moisturises hair in addition to styling. Layer more of this product to achieve a stronger hold.

For shiny hair with three nourishing oils

A supercharged lightweight blend of apricot, camellia and argan natural oils to smooth and nourish all hair types. Contains a blow-drying agent to tame fly-aways and a UV filter to leave hair silky, polished and shiny. Use on wet or dry hair to get a beautiful sheen.

Dual-purpose styling and finishing cream

A dual purpose, light styling artisan mix of oils suspended in a cream; the ideal styling and finishing product, which adds sheen and definition. Contains a UV filter. Rub small droplets in the palms of your hands and apply on dry hair
or on wet hair then left to dry naturally.


A curl enhancer that doesn’t weigh hair down

Designed with a unique enzyme to create definition and separation for the perfectly formed curl with effortless bounce. It’s smoothing and protects against humidity to give a natural, glossy shine. Contains a UV filer. Apply and distribute evenly from roots to ends on wet hair, starting with a small amount of product and adding more
if required. If your search for the perfect curly hair definer is your holy grail, you’ve just found it!

Gives texture and body to all hair types

A gritty cream that add texture to all hair types and gives powerful definition, body, and hold for that ‘lived in’ look. Apply a small amount of cream into wet or dry hair, increasing the amount for a grittier look.

A cream for volume and lift

A multi-use finishing cream that gives volume and thickens all hair types. Contains a UV filter. Apply to the roots of wet hair to give volume for the perfect blow dry. Alternatively, use on dry, short hair to create thicker, tousled and supple texture.


A wax for matte, natural look

A unique blend of waxes giving a matte, natural look to short haircuts, adding texture, definition and structure to all hair types. Rub a small amount in the palms of hands and apply throughout damp or dry hair.


A strong wax for short, choppy haircuts

A unique wax that contains volcanic ash and three naturally derived waxes to give a strong gritty, matte, textured, urban finish. It’s suitable for short, choppy haircuts. Rub a small amount in the palms of your hands to warm
the product and apply on dry hair. Guys and girls that have tried this are instant converts. It’s almost made missing that holiday to St. Tropez in 2010 acceptable (nearly).


A protective must-have before using hair tools

Lightweight fixer with heat protection and humidity resistance, designed to create a hi-octane, sleek finish and sheen for all locks. It’s an easy to brush out spray giving workable, invisible hold. A must before using straightening or curling irons. Spray a light mist on section by section for best results, or all over dry hair. Allow it to dry before using any heat tools.


Neil Moodie’s ‘best friend’ on editorial shoots

An invisible spray to create instant texture, volume and body to bring flat hair to life. Contains spirulina to help seal in moisture. Spray a light mist into the roots and mid-lengths of dry hair and style as desired.


A strong hold hairspray that keeps styles in place and secures updo’s

A sculpture hairspray with heat protection and humidity resistance, strong enough to set curls and give a long-lasting effect, yet brushes out easily. Mist hairspray all over dry hair; to achieve a stronger hold, layer spray multiple times.

Something for everyone

So there you have it, 13 hair styling products that could possibly be the best. Here in the salon we think they really are! There’s truly a product or a combo for everyone. If you feel like we’ve missed anything then do let us know by sharing on social media or commenting below. But as always, we’d love to show you ourselves so book an appointment at

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