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WAM Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 25
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WAM Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 25

Price from: £120.00

WAM Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 25 Product Form


WAM High Performance Ceramic Curling Irons have been expertly designed by professionals to make it easy to achieve the curls of your dreams. We offer two different sizes, and whichever you choose, you can rely on the salon-standard construction and beautiful design that makes WAM products so desirable. Size 25 will create soft glamorous curls.

The Size 13 WAM Curling Iron is ideal for encouraging more of a curl into naturally frizzy hair, or creating a tighter curl that´ll make tight corkscrew curls when brushed out - or even a 70s urban-feel soft afro. Size 16 WAM Curling Iron is perfect for creating a tight curl that will hold all day. When diffusing hair, more often than not you will get some curls that are randomly looser than others. This size is ideal for curling those random curls and letting them join in with the others. The Size 19 WAM Curling Iron is the one that everyone loves, because it can give you a wave or a curl. If you´re more experienced using a curling iron you can create 1920s fingerwaves with this iron, too. The Size 25 WAM Curling Iron is fantastic for achieving those Hollywood/Supermodel curls and waves. Get that Giselle hair we all want... or even a Veronica Lake! The Size 28 WAM Curling Iron is great at creating that extra bit of movement you need when your hair feels lifeless or stubborn.

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