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Neil Moodie in 50 Hats That Changed the World

Date: 15/03/2011

Exciting news! Neil's hats made in collaboration with Flora McLean of House of Flora have been featured in the new "50 Hats That Changed the World" book! Here's what Neil had to say about it:

"Hi everyone,

Last Monday March 7th a new book was released by The British Design Museum, published by Octopus Books called " 50 Hats That Changed The World"

It's the latest in The Design Museums '50......"  series that includes Fifty Dresses, Fifty Shoes, Fifty Bags, Fifty Cars and and Fifty Chairs.

The books are designed to showcase what The Design Museum considers to be 50 of the most influential worldwide designs relating to each book's subject.

The new Hat book, lists the top 50 Hats and Headwear that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today.

The Iconic Hats that I designed with Flora McLean of House of Flora have been featured in the book on page 96/97 and we've also got the inside cover too.

We are currently designing some new hats to coincide with the launch of our new Iconic Heads Website (coming soon)



We have a copy of the book in the salon as well as a couple of the hats that Neil has helped to design so why not check them out next time you're around?

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