Windle and Moodie


Healthy head (and hair) treatment shampoo

with yerba mate tea and green coffee eucalyptus

for soothing and micro-circulation

Promotes healthy hair and scalp. Powered with yerba mate tea and green coffee known for their active antioxidants, antibacterial and microcirculation properties. Layered with eucalyptus, tea tree and sage natural oils antiseptics. Contains colour protection complex. Apply evenly on wet hair and massage gently. Leave for a minute or two and rinse thoroughly. Follow with one of our conditioners. This shampoo should be used once a week in conjunction with other cleansers to maintain healthy scalp.

No sulphates, propylene glycol, silicones or parabens. 100% Vegan.

£22.00 - 250ml


Our shampoos are powered by the unique properties that teas have on hair. We use high quality teas, cultivated by a renowned tea specialist on their own plantations in ecologically clean and pure regions all over the world. Known for their antioxidants, teas nurture, protect and promote shine, leaving hair more youthful and radiant

The Windle & Moodie shampoos are treatment shampoos. They behave differently, because they repair, protect and strengthen the hair in addition to cleansing. They restore the hair to optimal condition and create healthy flora on the scalp. We achieve this with naturally derived sugar beet extract and wheat micro-protein.

We use unique, hair (and earth) friendly surfactants in all our shampoos, which are ideal for sensitive skin, create luxurious lather and are biodegradable. They are gentle to the hair and scalp.

All our shampoos are colour safe, and free of sulphates, propylene glycol, silicones and parabens. They are eco-friendly and most of their ingredients are biodegradable.

91% of our products are vegetarian suitable
74% of our products are vegan suitable
78% of our products are gluten free


Yerba Mate Tea, Green Coffee, eucalyptus, tea tree and sage

Customer Reviews

Windle and Moodie Healthy Head (and hair) Treatment Shampoo
Reviewed by Chris

I love the stuff, its brilliant! The healthy head treatment shampoo is so refreshing and clean. The scalp feels healthier, less irritated despite I have been using only once a week. Can't wait to use 'everyday shampoo' to combine those two together. Definitely the best one yet, I have tried. Chris

Windle and Moodie Healthy Head (and hair) Treatment Shampoo
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