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Windle and Moodie Speed Wefts

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Double Row Speed Weft
  Single Row Speed Weft   Fringe Speed Weft

Windle and Moodie Speed Wefts are the brand new and exciting range of at-home hair extensions. Having been coveted behind the scenes on movie sets around the world, you can now have your very own set!

The Speed Wefts are created by salon co-founders Paul Windle and Neil Moodie to look, feel and behave just like your own locks. These are the only wire fastened extensions, created using a super fine nylon, making them undetectable and simple to use. You won´t experience any of the bulkiness associated with home hair extensions.

Give your locks instant thickness, volume and shape with a choice of three Windle and Moodie Speed Wefts in eight different colors to match your own!

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